It’s fate, it’s destiny, it’s KISMET!

September 2-4, 2016 | London, UK

A fan-run K/S Convention celebrating 50 years of Star Trek K/S!

KiSMet 2016

A whole weekend of Kirk and Spock! Talking about K/S, laughing, watching Vids, talking about K/S, competitions, quizzes, talking about K/S (did we mention talking about K/S?), reading new fiction, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. Oh, and talking about K/S; nearly forgot that!

The con is going to be huge fun. There will be K/S artists, writers, readers and vidders. Everyone shares the K/S obsession.

There will be a packed programme of panels that will allow you to have serious and sometimes not-so-serious, discussions on the subject of K/S and slash fandom in general. You can find out more about the panels and how to submit your ideas for them (and volunteer for them!) at the Programming tab.

Saturday night will see the famous Great Kismet Quiz where teams will compete to win wonderful prizes and the enormous kudos of knowing the most about Trek and K/S. There will be other quizzes and games, including a caption competition and other fun competitions throughout the weekend.

We’ll have an art show (and hopefully an art auction) and a zine lending library where you can read a wide selection of zines – new and old - to your heart’s content. You can also bring any items you want to sell, and perhaps buy from others. More about that at the Bring & Buy tab.

There will be a raffle with lots of lovely prizes. All proceeds from the raffle will go to the Con charity, The British Lung Foundation, which works with people living with COPD in the UK. We chose this charity in memory of our dearly-loved and much-missed Leonard Nimoy. More about the BLF at the Con charity tab.

In addition, we’ll have a formal opening and closing ceremony with great vids produced by attendees, and a banquet on Saturday night with a competition for best costume (extra prize if the costume is K/S related!).

Attention all K/S vidders, wherever you may be! You are invited to enter your vids in our Songvid Contest. You do not need to attend the con to enter. Please send in your entries now!

One of our competitions (no prize, just huge kudos!) is to design the cake topper for the special Saturday night dinner. If you have a cool idea, please get in touch at the Kismet email at the bottom of this page, no later than 1 May. We will post all entries on our Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and LiveJournal pages for voting by all members, but the results will be kept secret until the big reveal on the Saturday night! More details can be found at the Competitions tab.

A little bit about the unique venue for this convention: Lane End is a conferencing centre, and our building is one of several on site. It’s small, self-contained, with members’ rooms and the meeting rooms all housed under one roof. We’ve been there before and it was ideal for a lovely, intimate Con. And the food is great (and plentiful). To find out more about our venue and the facilities it offers, please check out the Venue tab.

Membership is all-inclusive, covering the cost of accommodation, and all meals and hot beverages for the weekend. But we need your help! We have to have a minimum of 20 people to make the con pay for itself. It’s a modest number, but to help us meet our payments for the venue, we need you to sign early. Please go to the Membership page for details on how to register and methods of payment we’re offering.

Can’t attend but would like to support us, and receive a goody bag? At the Membership tab is a drop-down link to the page with details on how to become a supporting member and what you’ll get for it.

If you’d like to submit a vid for the vid show, you can find details from a drop-down tab under Programming.

About your co-chairs: Anne has co-organised a number of very successful Kismets over the years. This year she is joined by Christine, who hasn't, but attended them all and helped out throughout (she is the all-time Raffle Queen)!